Alessandro Izzi is co-director of the online magazine Close-up of Rome, and has collaborated with various film and theater magazines.
He has been invited to speak in several academic conferences on Cinema and Music, the most recent held at Tor Vergata University in Rome and chaired by Maestro Ennio Morricone.


He wrote for stage: “La valigia dei destini incrociati” (The suitcase of entangled destinies), “Zingari lager” and “Cantata dei giorni infami” (Infamous Days Cantata), all staged by Theatre Bertolt Brecht of Formia. He wrote, among the others: “I topi nel muro” (Mice in the wall) winner of the Fourth Edition of “Theatre, Film and the Holocaust Prize” promoted by CERSE, ECAD and the Holocaust Museum Foundation, “Perchè la guerra” (Why War? – First Prize Artigogolo 2016), “Solo di passaggio” (Just passing by – First Prize Teatro in cerca d’autore 2019), “Nel silenzio della legge” (In the silence of Law – First Prize Sandomenichino 2021). He collaborated with Teatro Potlach, for which he was literary advisor for “Angyalok to város fölött” (Angels on the city), show event of the Teatro Potlach for the direction of Pino Di Buduo held in Budapest in April 2016, and for the playwriting of “Edith Piaf: Hymn to Love” premiered in Pennsylvania on march 2020 with Nathalie Mentha and the direction of Pino Di Buduo.

In 2015 he published with Helicon edition his first fictional novel “Il respiro delle onde” (The breathing of the waves) and with Giovane Holden edition the two short stories collections: “Come seme sotto raffiche d’inverno” (Like seeds under the blasts of winter), and “L’attesa della notte” (The waiting of the Night). His short story “I tre moschettieri” (The Three Musketeers) is featured in the Italian Literature – Anthology of the New Millennium (Ed. Helicon, 2015).

He is the author of “Dal Tibet a Hollywood” (From Tibet to Hollywood, a monograph on Cinema and Buddhism, published by Aracne in 2008) of “Nuovo Cinema Tedesco” (New German Cinema co-signed by Giovanni Spagnoletti – Dino Audino, 2009), of “La finestra sulla scena” (The window on the stage – deComporre, 2013) and of “Le Strategie dell’oblio” (Strategies of oblivion, 2017) winner of numerous awards among which The Premio Carver 2018.

He is also the author of short essays on Wenders, Crialese, Visconti and Nanni Moretti and cocurator of “Comic Book Movies” (Universitalia, 2013), of “DC vs Marvel: Infinity War” (Universitalia, 2017) and of “Un passo avanti” (One Step Forward, Mimesis, 2019).

He also wrote the story line and the film script of “Arturo e il gabbiano” (Arturo and the seagull), an animated 3D short movie directed by Luca Di Cecca presented in many national and international Film Festivals and winner of the  Mejor animaciòn award at the Pet Film Festival Tepoztlán (Messico) and of the  Pevecorto award at the Festival Amicorti in the Repubblica of San Marino.

He leads music, film and theater education projects at a number of schools, in collaboration with the Cinema Teatro Ariston in Gaeta. For five years he has been curator of the documentary review Certe sere qui, promoted by the Remigio Paone Theatre , the Theatre of Bertolt Brecht Formia and by the Cultural Association “Fuori Quadro” of which he has been president till 2016. He is curator of “Parole oltre lo schermo”, an event organized by Teatro Bertolt Brecht in which meetings are held to discuss cinematography, and featuring as guests critics, directors and writers from all over the country.


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